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Cosmetic Dentistry

Our goal with our patients is to help everyone to have a healthy, beautiful smile. We have many patients whose confidence and smiles have vastly improved thanks to our cosmetic procedures. We begin all cosmetic treatments with a thorough evaluation, and we’ll strive to help you reach your goals. Treatment can be accomplished in phases, and we have financing options available to assist you in meeting your goals.

Teeth Whitening (Bleaching)

Teeth whitening (or bleaching) is a wonderful way to brighten your smile. There are several options available to patients who want whiter smiles. Our office offers both at-home and in-office whitening systems. If you are interested in whitening your teeth, we can help you decide on the best option. Whitening procedures are not one-size-fits-all, so we do our best to help each patient find the perfect solution for their whitening needs.


Veneers are thin yet durable porcelain shells designed to cover the front part of a person’s teeth. They can be used to straighten and lengthen teeth and close spaces. In some cases, we use veneers instead of orthodontics to align teeth for a beautiful smile. Patients who have stained, chipped, decayed, or crooked teeth can use veneers to perfect their smiles. Each patient is unique, so we custom-make our veneers to best suit their needs. If you want a flawless smile, we can help you decide if veneers are right for you.

Cosmetic Bonding

Composite bonding is used to close spaces, improve shade and shape of natural teeth. During the procedure, a durable material is applied to the tooth and hardened with a special light. Bonding can usually be done in just one office visit. If a patient has chipped, discolored, or cracked teeth, wants to fills spaces between teeth or change the shape of his or her teeth, bonding can be a great solution.